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Step 1: Register with 375CashDaily for free by clicking the banner below:

Step 2: Once your account is created, click "Payment Settings" to add your Payza email account or Solidtrustpay username or Bitcoin wallet address. It's good to have all three if possible but have at least two of them.

Step 3: Once your payment settings are put in, click "Upgrade" and be sure it shows "Feeder Level 1 Position for $3.75 Upline Payment" then click "Purchase" (Don't worry, you won't be buying anything because I am buying it for you!) 

Step 4: After clicking "Purchase", click "Pending Payments" and look for the column with the word "Action". Put in the following information so that I know that you're accepting my gift to you:

Paid By: Select "SolidTrustPay"
Payment Email/ID: Enter "375offer" (Not your STP username!)
Transaction ID: Enter "30003753750"

I will be notified by email and approved the purchase. You may then promote to others and earn 100% commissions according to the Reverse 2up to Infinity marketing program outlined on the 375CashDaily website.

Be sure to follow Step 4 EXACTLY or I will deny the transaction!

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