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Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: I never received my confirmation e-mail, where is it?
A: We recommend NOT using a Yahoo/Hotmail e-mail as they return computer generated e-mails, Gmail is best. Click HERE to have have it resent.

Q: How easy is it to make my own splash pages?
A: Extremely, all the instructions are there for you with some easy to follow videos.

Q: Can I add my own HTML?
A: Yes, of course. Just simply use the Editor or add it to the section you want when creating your splash,
You can add Banners, auto-responder code and videos. Please see 'Tutorials' or click '?'
for more info once inside. (If you need any help doing html, simply contact us and
we will help you set your pages to how you want them.

Q: How many splash pages can a member make?
A: FREE members can make 3 splash pages, Upgraded members can make 100.

Q: Why can't I delete a page?
A: If a member creates a page and advertises it in several places, then a member deletes that page, the said member would then have to edit all those links. Otherwise an invalid url page shows, which doesn't look good for the member or us. Just simply rename it, edit the unwanted page and you have a new page.

Q: Why is it only upgraded members can duplicate their pages?
A: Their is no need to duplicate a page, all pages should be unique! It is only worth duplicating them if you track them, the same page might have better results in one form of advertising than another. This way the pro members who use the tracker can benenfit from this. Another benefit is they can duplicate a page for a certain type of advertising and simply change the heading for example.

Q: Can I add my own images?
A: YES! Of Course. (We have added nearly 100 already with more coming soon)
It is recommended to make your splash pages unique and stand out more. Just add them
and we will host them for you.
Click HERE to use our Free Background Images.

Q: How many images can I add?
A: Free members can add 5 images, Upgraded can add 200.

Q: Can I have more than one account?
A: NO! Multiple accounts are removed, One account per person, per household.
We do have anti-cheat measures in place, if you are caught cheating here you are also
banned on our sister sites.

Q: Can free members use the Tracker Url?
A: NO! It is written in the php that it will only track Upgraded Members pages.

Q: Can I make money using your service?
A: YES of course you can! On each splash page you create your referral link is on the bottom. Upgraded Members earn $2.00 per referral Upgrade.(Free members earn $1.00). The payment information will appear on the 'Withdrawel' page when you reach the cash out amount. $15.00 is the minimum for withdrawal for free members and $10.00 for Pro. Pro members also receive random referrals.

Q: What Payment processors do you use?
A: We use PayPal.

Q: Why can't I get a refund?
A: Our site automatically issues commissions once payment is confirmed. We will NOT ISSUE A REFUND AS YOU ARE RECEIVING A SERVICE!

Q: Why was my page removed?
A: A page is only removed if you advertise a known scam site, i.e 2 dollar money train, etc. These are illegal in most of Europe and the USA. Sorry, but we do have to abide by the law. See our banned list: Banned Sites

Q: Why aren't my extra pages showing after downgrading?
A: After downgrading more than than 3 times; members extra pages DO NOT show. This is to prevent abuse of our Terms regarding upgrades.

Q: Why is my page that I made showing as INSECURE?
A: This happens if you add images by a site that is not secure, or you have added some code that might be insecure. Goto https://www.whynopadlock.com and put the url of your page in and test it, it will tell you the part of your code you need to edit or remove to make your page secure.