FAQ's Page





Q. Is this service for webmasters only?
No, its for all people, professionals and novices. Anyone can use our code.



Q. Do I need webhosting to use this Free banner Creator?
No, you don't. Simply copy the code and add into a site, like our own
that allows you to add some HTML, Simple.



Q. In an HTML editor when I edit something else the banner stops displaying properly?
This is because with flash you need to use the code '&copy', but when your broswer reads it, it reads '©'.
So everytime you edit the page afterwards, just remember to change back the
'©' with '&copy'



Q. How many banners can I make?
As many as you would like to, Our system is unlimited for everyone.



Q. How can I make a unique size banner?
In the code you need to edit the 'width="250" height="250" name="250x250"'
with the correct size you would like, 500x500 is probably the maximum.