We are looking for people that understand it
takes time to build an online income.

Are you the type of quality REFERRAL Team Synergy is looking for??


Tired of all the false promises? Get ready to be informed...


We are a Wealth Step By Step team that teaches success
through our amazing process of duplication. Either promoting online or through our very simple postcard program.

Check out Wealth Step By Step.

Imagine having PAID REFERRALS placed under you?

This is exactly what we teach you to do. The process is so

simple, even a newbie can and will succeed.

You must be Consistent and Persistent. This is key.


You`re here because you want to learn how to

build a business that will make you money.

 What you are about to find out is such a game changer that it

will forever transform your idea of making money Online.


A word of advise about all those team builds......

Team builds are great in concept, but generally fail due to what I refer to as saturation.

Simply put all team builds will reach a point where the demand will be impossible to be filled.

Even using the simple you 4 people, then those people get 4 and so on. Once you get to 100

people you will need to get 400 people just to get each referral 1 person.

it will soon become mathematically impossible to fill every position. 

Team Synergy is not a Team build in that aspect. We go for the POSSIBLE.


So, how are we different? We hold nothing back.

Once you become a proud member of Team Synergy you will start getting paid referrals.

you are then given our amazing marketing system that consists of over 30 safelists

and traffic exchanges. Plus everything you need including Subject lines and messages to use.  You will be given

exactly everything we use in our proven way of promoting. All active members will be placed in a private rotator that will give

out random referrals to all TEAM SYNERGY active members. This will not build your business for you, but it is a

nice surprise when it happens. You should be willing to dedicate a minimum of 4 to 5 hours a week

promoting this  splash page. You want at least 1000 people a week viewing your Team Synergy Link.
If sending Postcards. You want to try to send at least 100 a month. All this information
is provided to you once you become a Team Synergy member.

All you need to be is consistent, persistent and simply follow the proven system you are given.

Using safelists will always give you better results.

 TEAM SYNERGY as well as your personal sponsors are always here for you....every step of the way.



Fill in your name and email below and click on TEAM SYNERGY information.

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Laura or Duncan Gregory
You will not be disappointed

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