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Robert Norton's sites are a must join.
We use them every day with great, great results.

Kenny Lessing's Real Time Traffic Sites
When You Want Traffic You Want It REAL TIME
He has so many sites I have lost track of the number.
We use these sites every day without fail because they work!
Join All Today, You will not be sorry.

The Randy Brickhouse Sites
Randy has built an incredible set of sites that you cannot go wrong with.
Join and use each one every day. We Do!

William Newlon Sites
William has a great set of sites that we love.
We log into them everyday and use them because they really, really work.

Ed Lawton Sites
We have been a member of Lynx Mails
for quite awhile and love it.
We are sure Ed is going to do
very well with his new sites.

Brenda Underwoods Sites
Brenda has about 30 sites.
These are the ones we use on a daily basis with great results.
These are Must Join Sites for the serious online marketer.

Geo Monroe Sites
Geo Monroe is one the nicest people you will ever meet and she admins 4 amazing sites.

She lets you surf 50 sites on the first two sites listed and you will get 3 FREE Solo Ads and 3000 Credits.

It goes without saying I surf her sites every week and send out Solo Ads every day.

If you want your banner to be seen, Her Stone Diamond Buzz is the place to be.
Her Sites Get Results.


That's what they say on their website and they are not kidding.
Check these guys out.

Charles Phalen Sites
Charles Admins 3 Great Sites we use everyday.

Dennis Hagan Sites
We Love the sites Dennis has. They are not huge in numbers yet,
but are highly effective in producing results.
We constantly are fighting for "The Spot" at his Midnight Mailer.

Auto Surf Sites
An Auto Surf Site Does Not Mean People Are Not Viewing Your Site,
It Just Means They Are Not Clicking.
We Get A Fair Amount Of Sign Ups From These.

Top Notch Traffic Sites
These are sites we use almost everyday
. As far as I know they do not belong to any group of sites.
I could be wrong on that though.
Either way they are worth joining.

Great Surf Sites
We Get Great Results From These Sites And Use Them Every Day

Mailers We Like
If mailers are not in in your daily marketing plan, you may be missing the boat.
They are really hot right now with very active members.
We belong to about 200 mailers but always keep coming back to the ones
on this page because they produce results for us.

Banner Sites
We Like Using Banner Sites.
We See Our Sites Pop Up All Over The Place When We Least Expect It.
These Sites Will Get Your Site's Banner Seen All Over The Net.

New Sites Today
This List Changes Constantly.
Check back often for updates