Wow... 50 days... 1.1 Million Dollars Traded

In our first 50 days trading, Over 1.1 Million Dollars worth of Asimi has been traded on the Waves DEX! Asimi is headed for big things and reaching its first 1 Million Dollars in trading is a major 1st milestone! Congratulations to everyone who is Minting, Staking and Advertising on Hashing Ad Space! You are part of a unique concept. This is a remarkable achievement for a token with No ICO sale... The simple minting of Asimi Tokens via Ad views on Hashing Ad Space... adding into circulating supply... to then find true value on the DEX... already trading over 1MM dollars... Brings clarity to the power of what we are doing here. The future is bright in Hashing Ad Space We are glad to have you with us.

If you would like to know where Hashing Ad Space is headed, this video explains our plans and step-by-step exactly how we will get there.

The Hashing Ad Space